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Naomi’s Place has an on-going fund raising campaign in an attempt to expand our client base and continue the quality of services to our existing residents.  Naomi’s Place is a 501 (c)3 tax deductible charitable organization.

You can assist our efforts by donating to Naomi’s Place using our online PayPal account.


List of Corporate/Government Sponsors

- HUD, Dept of Housing & Urban Development
- DHS, Department of Human Services
- DHS, Department of Economic Development
- URA, Urban Redevelopment Authority
- PACE, Program to Aid Citizen Development
- Eden Hall Foundation
- AKA, I.V. Grant Foundation

Please Contact
Cassandra Williams, Executive Director via email or call 412.361.3888 to discuss Donation opportunities.Donations can also be given in other forms such as:
- In Kind Services
- Property
- Clothing
- Furniture